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الخميس، 2 أغسطس 2018

How to get rid of head lice

How to get rid of head lice

How to get rid of head lice
How to get rid of head lice

best home remedy head lice

Till your head lies in five minutes best home remedy head lice. infestation can be one of the most annoying things to deal with not only for the person affected but also for the people around it is sneakily contagious and can cause a lot of distress not to mention severe itching and burning.

What our life headlands are scientifically called ridiculous humans capitols under usually two or three millimeters in length these are parasitic insects the travel by crawling they lay eggs at hair shaft base.
Where these get attached these are called as niche as they reproduce quickly it is very difficult to eliminate life's parasites within a few days combing them out can get rid of them but it is a long and tiring process they are several home remedies that will more effectively.

Solve this problem equal if this oil you will need 15 to 20 drops equal if this oil two ounces of olive oil and shower cap and net comb mix the essential oil with the carrier oil and apply on this scalp and hair cover with a shower cap and leave it on overnight comb hair in the morning to remove dead lice and then rinse hair as usual repeat this process repeatedly if required equal P oil is a strong Figment that kills head lice effectively.

 It has been proven to even work against the lice that are resistant to chemical treatment tea tree oil for head lice apply a few drops of the tea tree oil to the affected scalp and hair before going to bed place a towel on the pillow and go to sleep as usual in the morning comb the hair thoroughly to remove all the dead lice and nits repeat this every night for three to seven days tea tree oil is a good way to prevent head lice infections tea tree oil has insecticidal and OVC dual effects .

Which means it kills the lice and also the eggs a hundred percent morality rate of life was observed in an experiment using this essential oil neem oil for head lice add a couple of drops of neem oil to your regular shampoo and use this to rinse your scalp and hey the rinsing should be followed by properly combing sections of hair using a knit comb use this neem oil infused a shampoo regularly to keep lies at bay coconut oil for head lice one of the oil and apply it generously on the scalp massage fry a few minutes and cover with a shower cap leave it on for two us then comb thoroughly with the Lidcombe to remove dead lice and eggs shampoo and condition.

coconut oil olive oil 

As usual once the hair is dry apply warm coconut oil again cover with a fresh shower cap and leave it on overnight comb your hair in the morning to remove all the dead lice and eggs rinse your hair repeat this once or twice a week like coconut oil olive oil also suffocates the lice and does not let the eggs get attached to the hair easily using a knit comb properly is essential for this home remedy to work well our carryover healthy strong hair for this we need our Caro milk honey and olive oil avocado .


Avocado is rich in vitamin B & E which works at cellular levels protects and strengthens hair the nutrients in avocado stimulate hair growth and also prevent hair loss it is also a natural moisturizer and a conditioner it leaves your hair soft and shiny honey .honey is a natural antioxidant it makes your hair healthy and stimulates your hair growth it keeps away from dandruff and each nail on your scalp olive oil olive oil improves blood circulation and will help in hair growth it fights against dandruff it makes your hair shiny and soft milk .

Hair milk is the best treatment

Milk conditions your hair milk is the best treatment for dry and rough hair milk helps in cleansing your scalp and promotes healthy hair it strengthens and nourishes your hair let's start the process take avocados cut it into pieces remove seed and scoop it into a bowl take one tablespoon of olive oil 1 tablespoon of milk 1 tablespoon of honey and mix all in the rinse will make a fine and smooth paste out of it now take this paste and apply all over your hay sections from scalp to tip with using a bish.
You can comb in between so that mask evenly distributed then wrap your head and leave it for 30 minutes then wash it off with shampoo do it weekly twice for better results you can get soft silky shiny healthy hair you can reduce dandruff and can promote hair growth .

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